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Privacy fences are frequently installed for residents in our service area.

Fence Installation & RepairIn Missoula, Lolo, & The Bitterroot Valley in Montana

Increase your residential, commercial, or ranch property's security with a variety of fencing options, installed by our experienced professionals.

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Commercial, residential, and ranch fence installation and repair services for Missoula, Lolo, Florence, and The Bitterroot Valley!

The fences we install bring safety, security, and aesthetics to your property and are crafted by premium quality materials.

One of the professionally installed fences done by our team for a homeowner in Missoula.

At Gecko Fence & Landscape, we provide all types of fencing for the residential, commercial, and ranch areas in MT. Our services cover the communities of Missoula, Lolo, Florence, and others within The Bitterroot Valley.

Our company provides installation and repair services for the fences we install. Our fences are crafted from premium quality materials designed to bring safety, security, and aesthetics to your property.

Variety of Residential Fencing We Install

For most homeowners, residential fencing is installed to provide privacy for their property or used as a security measure for keeping strangers out and pets or children inside. The most popular types of residential fencing in the communities of Missoula, Lolo, Florence, MT are chain link and Cedar (wood) privacy fencing.

At Gecko Fence & Landscape, we provide a wide variety of residential fencing that will help homeowners achieve the look and purpose they are after. Our main types of residential fencing include:

  • Chain link
  • Vinyl, for decorative and privacy purposes
  • Cedar
  • Sheet Metal
  • Wrought Iron, for decorative purposes

Commercial & Industrial Fencing

We installed fencing for this Lolo business owner, to protect their gas tank from damage by vehicles nparking.

For businesses and industrial areas around Missoula, and surrounding communities like Lolo and Florence, MT, fences need to be durable, strong, and usually tall to keep intruders off the property. Commercial fencing is intended to be sturdy and does not have to be aesthetically pleasing when used in industrial areas.

At Gecko Fence & Landscape, we commonly install chain link with 3-strand barbed wire or razor wire for commercial and industrial needs. We provide both installation and maintenance options to ensure your fence stays in good condition.

Available Ranch Fencing Options

Our pros installed fencing for a large ranch in Florence.

In MT, ranching is a way of life. There are many ranches and farms that span the state and they are all in need of reliable fencing. Ranch fencing has to be affordable and durable to keep livestock in and unwanted wild animals away.

Our most popular ranch fencing available is:

  • Barbed Wire
  • Electrical
  • Wire Mesh

All of our available options are cost-effective solutions for your property. Barbed wire is always an effective method; however, wire mesh is a more economical way to fence a large area. Electric fencing is adaptable to your terrain and can become portable. It is easy to set up but requires a fence charger.

We would be happy to price out any of our ranch fencing options for your property and give you a quote. Call us at (406) 370-7161 for more information today!

Process Involved With Getting Your Fence Installed + Ongoing Maintenance & Repairs Services

Before installing your fence, our experts will come to your property to take measurements of the intended area and get you a quote, or offer comparable quotes for several of our fencing options. Once you select your fencing, we can begin the installation process. Once the fence is fully installed, we offer ongoing maintenance and repair services to help preserve your fence and ensure it lasts for years.

With proper maintenance, most fences will last 20-30 years. Cedar fences can easily last 15-30 years and vinyl fences can last 20-30 years.

How to Extend the Life of Your Fence

Ongoing maintenance and fence repairs will help your fence last as long as possible. At Gecko Fence & Landscape, we recommend staining or sealing your wood fence annually or every other year. Your vinyl fence should be washed periodically to maintain its cleanliness and durability.

We also recommend making smart landscaping choices. When planting shrubs, bushes, or hedges, try not to plant them too near the fence, as that could affect it negatively and cause damage. Regularly inspect your fence for damage and request any necessary repair services immediately. When you make small repairs as needed throughout the life of the fence, it will extend its overall life.

If your existing fence needs replacement or repairs on more than 20% of it, then it is time to invest in a new fence for your property!

Call for a consultation on your residential, commercial, or ranch fencing needs.

At Gecko Fence & Landscape, we install quality fences that are long-lasting. Our array of materials and options for fencing make us the perfect candidate for your residential, commercial, or ranching needs. Our professionals are experts in installation and repairs and can help you choose the right fence for your property's needs.

Call us at (406) 370-7161, and set up a consultation today! We work with the communities of Missoula, Lolo, Florence, and surrounding communities in Montana.

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