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Our landscape design and installation services include choosing appropriate plants that can thrive in our region.

LandscapingIn Missoula, Lolo, & The Bitterroot Valley in Montana

Our experienced design and installation experts can create and install both custom landscaping that features plants from the region, as well as custom hardscaping such as patios, walkways, fire pits, and more.

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Bring your vision of the ideal yard to life with our custom landscape design and installation in and around Missoula, Lolo, and The Bitterroot Valley.

Your custom landscape design will flourish because our professionals have extensive knowledge of the region's native plants.

Our team designed and installed new landscaping at a commercial property in Lolo, MT

Our professionals have extensive knowledge of which native plants thrive in your region. We can ensure your custom landscape design will flourish and flower throughout the year.

At Gecko Fence & Landscape, we pride ourselves in working with clients all across Missoula, Lolo, and Florence, MT to install a lasting custom look to their landscaping, that brings their vision of an ideal yard to life.

Considerations of Our Professionals for Plant Selection, Placement, & Landscape Design

Our team will work with you to select plants, shrubs, and bushes that suit your needs and create the look you have in mind. We offer a wide variety of native plants that are known to thrive in the region. Placement is important not only for the look but also for the sunlight or shade they will receive. Our experienced professionals consider multiple aspects of design when creating a new landscape:

  • Plant Choice
  • Mature Size
  • Balance/Depth
  • Proportion
  • Focal Points and more

Consult with Our Designers for Suggested Bed Shapes, Sizes, & Soil Preparation

At Gecko Fence & Landscape, we consult with you to create the professional landscape design you have in mind, with useful tips and suggestions we have gained from our experience in the area. Our designers can guide you through what will work best on your property. We will cover the bed shapes and sizes, the process of soil preparation for planting, and the installation of borders and mulch.

A home is the largest investment most people make. A clean, well-planted lawn will add curb appeal and value to your home to help grow your investment.

Common Plants, Bushes, Shrubs, & Ground Coverings That Thrive in North-Central MT

A popular mulch for the Lolo area  is being install in this large bed.

A well-planned custom landscape design requires knowledge of the region and extensive experience with successful plantings. We choose plants that survive dormancy during the winter so they can replenish and bloom. But to keep things fresh, we can also manage annual flower planting which includes common annuals for the region.

The North-Central Montana region is naturally lush and offers a host of plant choices when it comes to planning for a lasting lawn project. Here are some of the common plants, bushes, shrubs, and ground coverings used in our area:

  • Rabbitbrush – blooms in the fall with beautiful yellow flowers
  • Gumbo Lily – a perennial with large white flowers
  • Wax Currant – green, white, and pink “tubular” flowers
  • Ajuga, Periwinkle, Creeping Thyme – ground coverings that offer an attractive, durable alternative to grass
  • Thinleaf Alder & Serviceberry/Juneberry – native large shrubs

We offer sod service as well as many more plants, bushes, shrubs, and ground coverings known to thrive and blossom in your area.

Benefits of Mulching & Rock Ground Coverings to Your Custom Landscape Design

Adding mulch or rock to your beds not only looks great, but insulates the soil in lower temperatures, prevents soil erosion, provides a weed barrier, and helps promote water absorption. Our clients most commonly choose cedar bark mulch to line their beds and cover other lawn areas. Cedar bark mulch looks great, but also helps to prevent insect and mosquito infestations. We can lay all mulch types available in the area. We also provide rocks to highlight and protect beds, pathways and other features to your custom design.

We design and build custom hardscapes, patios, walkways, and more to add outdoor living space.

We can design and build custom patios, fire pits, and other hardscaping elements, like this example from Florence.

Our contractors work with clients to create custom hardscape elements, which add livable space and a special touch to their custom landscape project. Our pros can design and build the following features:

  • Patios and walkways (pavers/flagstone)
  • Fire pits and fireplaces
  • Seating, retaining walls, and steps
  • Water features (pondless waterfalls, creek beds, etc.)

Call today to begin a consultation with our professionals for your custom landscaping design!

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