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Customer of Gecko Fence & Landscape receiving full lawn and landscape maintenance services.

Lawn & Landscape MaintenanceIn Missoula, Lolo, & The Bitterroot Valley in Montana

Our professional team members can provide our customers with lawn mowing, mulch or rock installation, yard cleanups, and more.

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Lawn and Landscape Maintenance for Homeowners in The Bitterroot Valley, including Missoula, Lolo, & Florence.

Our team handles your lawn mowing, mulch and rock installation, landscape trimming, and more!

Great example in Missoula of a property that is receiving lawn and landscape services from Gecko Fence & Landscape.

At Gecko Fence & Landscape, we provide comprehensive lawn and landscape maintenance services. Our team can handle everything from routine weekly or bi-weekly lawn care/mowing to mulch and rock installation, landscape trimming, seasonal cleanups, and annual flower planting. We proudly serve homeowners throughout Missoula, Lolo, Florence, and The Bitterroot Valley in Montana – and can provide you with a custom package to meet your needs.

Basic Lawn Mowing Service Details

Our basic lawn mowing service includes:

  • Full-property grass cutting
  • Weed-eating and string-trimming
  • Edging
  • Blowing

This lawn maintenance package is available from April through October. Choose a weekly or bi-weekly mowing schedule, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Gecko Fence & Landscape has been providing lawn care services since 2006 – and we have the expertise to show for it. We use the most precise lawn mowing techniques, taking into account the proper height for your grass (and alternating our mowing patterns) to keep your lawn looking its best.

Landscape Trimming & Pruning

Lolo homeowner that has well shaped and maintained landscape shrubs.

When you’re dealing with overgrowth, our landscape trimming and pruning service can help.

The Difference Between Shrub Trimming and Shrub Pruning

Some lawn and landscape maintenance companies use the terms “pruning” and “trimming” interchangeably. However, they’re two significantly different techniques – with significantly different outcomes.

Trimming is done for aesthetics. It’s the most reliable way to manage the size, shape, and cleanliness of your bushes, hedges, shrubs, or small trees. Pruning, on the other hand, is done to keep your plants healthy. Our experts can remove dead and diseased branches, misshapen limbs, and other problematic areas that could damage your landscaping if left unaddressed.

How Often Your Plants Should be Trimmed & Pruned

We recommend a bi-annual schedule for pruning. As for trimming, that can be done as often as every two weeks, depending on the level of detail you want. Different plants should be maintained at different times.

At Gecko Fence & Landscape, we can recommend a custom schedule for landscape trimming and pruning, based on the specific varieties of plants in your yard.

Mulch & Rock Installation

Team member delivering mulch to a customer in Florence.

Mulch and rock installation is another way to improve your outdoor living space. These ground covers can insulate your soil, while also:

  • Serving as a natural weed barrier
  • Increasing moisture retention
  • Fighting soil erosion

For the best results, we recommend between two and three inches of high-quality mulch or rock – refreshed at least once every other year.

Rock can last up to two years, but mulch should be refreshed on an annual basis.

The Most Popular Mulch & Rock Options

We offer a comprehensive selection of ground covers to complement the style of your home. Cedar bark, cocoa mulch, marble chips, and colorful river rock are some of the most popular products in the Missoula, Lolo, and Florence, MT, areas, but we offer many other options to suit your taste. You can add a rock or mulch installation package to any of your basic maintenance services.

Yard Cleanup & Leaf Removal

Leaves, branches, and debris can clutter even the most well-maintained yard. Especially during the fall, these elements blanket your lawn and block sunlight from reaching your grass, while creating a breeding ground for insects. Our yard cleanups can prevent these issues from ruining your property and keep it looking great.

Our yard cleanups remove excess leaves from your lawn, as well as yard debris like dead branches. Whether seasonally or on an “as-needed” basis (due to a storm, distressed/overgrown, or other unusual circumstance), our team can conduct a leaf removal and yard cleanup to get your property back in shape.

We’re proud to provide the most comprehensive leaf service in the area. We use a Walker mower for every leaf cleanup, ensuring that all overgrown debris is collected and removed from your property.

Need even more assistance? Add any of the following services to our standard yard cleanups:

  • Weed pulling
  • Landscape trimming
  • Landscape bed reshaping
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Leaf removal (for fall cleanups)
  • Mulch installation and annual flower planting (for spring cleanups)

Give Us a Call to Create the Perfect Lawn & Landscape Maintenance Package

Ready to spend more time enjoying your lawn and less time mowing and maintaining it? Contact Gecko Fence & Landscape at (406) 370-7161. We can create the perfect lawn and landscape maintenance package for your home if located in Missoula, Lolo, Florence, or another community in The Bitterroot Valley.

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