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We use plows to clear commercial parking lots and large residential driveways.

Snow RemovalIn Missoula, Lolo, & The Bitterroot Valley in Montana

Stay away from the hazards associated with snow removal by having our knowledgeable team use their experience, professional plows and blowers, and deicing agents for safe and efficient snow clearing of your property.

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Consider your safety this winter with snow removal and deicing services in and around Missoula, Lolo, Florence, and The Bitterroot Valley.

Snow removal and deicing are strenuous jobs, especially when attempted without optimal equipment. Our professionals have the proper equipment to get the job done both safely and efficiently.

Snow blowers are a very efficient way of clearing deep snow from sidewalks in Missoula.

Each year there is an average of 11,500 emergency room visits as a result of snow shoveling-related injuries and associated medical emergencies. Adults older than 55 years old accounted for 21.8% of those visits. The most common was soft tissue injury, of which 34.3% were a lower back strain.

Other emergencies were related to exertion, slips and falls, and direct impact from the snow shovel. Cardiac-related visits accounted for 6.7%. Of those presenting to the ER, 5.8% required hospitalization and almost all of these injuries occurred in and around the home (95.6%). Reference: Am J Emerg Med. 2011 Jan;29(1):11-7. doi: 10.1016/j.ajem.2009.07.003. Epub 2010 Mar 25.

Consider allowing our professionals to take care of snow removal for you and, by doing so, help keep you safe from a strenuous job. We offer safe and efficient snow removal and deicing services, using proper equipment, to commercial locations as well as homeowners located in the communities of Missoula, Lolo, and Florence, as well as nearby areas in The Bitterroot Valley.

Materials and equipment we use to perform snow removal and deicing services.

The equipment and materials used vary according to job site specifics, and in particular, commercial vs. residential services.

Equipment used for parking lots and sidewalks.

For commercial areas, plows are used to remove snow from larger parking areas. Sidewalks are typically cleared with snow blowers. The snow is commonly piled. However, it can also be removed (i.e. hauled away) if the customer desires.

For residential areas, we typically use truck plows or a 4-wheeler (an ATV-like vehicle) equipped with a plow. As with commercial properties, sidewalks are usually cleared using a snow blower.

Deicing Materials Used

Typically, we use both salt and liquid deicers to ride walkways of ice in Lolo.

We use both traditional salt granules as well as liquid deicers. We understand the benefits of combining liquid deicers with salt, and we want your property to benefit from that. Liquids can be used before snowfall to pre-treat an area or after a snowfall as a “wetting” agent where the solution is sprayed onto the salt as it exits the spreader.

Using liquids typically results in more efficient and more effective deicing. Our goal is to maximize the satisfaction of our customers. That’s why we are committed to using the latest technologies.

The combination of cold weather and heavy exercise put people at risk. Snow shoveling is responsible for thousands of injuries and as many as 100 deaths each year (source: National Safety Council). Our professionals are ready to perform the difficult tasks of snow removal and deicing for you this winter.

Call us for residential or commercial professional snow removal and deicing services.

Having us perform these tasks will ensure a professional result for your residential or commercial property and, at the same time, minimize the risks associated with attempting snow removal yourself.

We are available this winter for snow removal and deicing in and around Montana's Bitterroot Valley communities of Missoula, Lolo, Florence, and many others. Call us at (406) 370-7161 now to be placed on our list of clients.

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